Sunday, February 20, 2005

Basia to be on Jazz Trax in March

We've just finished hearing this week's Art Good show and not only did he plug the living heck out of Matt's Mood, but he also announced that Basia and Danny will be on the show in March to introduce the new project and give an interview. Yeah! Mr. Good has always been a big supporter so it's going to be a good show. As soon as they post the date, we'll let everyone know. In the meantime check out this week's archived show and reminisce on The Sweetest Illusion. NOTE: the 2005 shows have since been removed from the site.

One suprising revelation however is that Peter White will not be touring as Matt Bianco's guitarist, being "too busy" according to Art Good (there is a concurrent tour called "Jazz Attack" that he is taking part in). Unfortunate.