Sunday, June 05, 2005

BasiaWeb's Best of Basia iMix now at the iTunes Store

As part of our ongoing efforts to inspire music fans to go beyond "Time and Tide" and "Cruising for Bruising," we've concocted an iTunes iMix called "BasiaWeb's Best of Basia." Below, a very brief rationale-- and the other songs that iTunes didn't have or wouldn't publish for some reason (it's an imperfect science!) We stuck to only songs that have Basia on lead vocals. (which is why we didn't include "Matt's Mood III" or "Golden Days," for example-- two of our favorites)

  • Third Time Lucky One of the best Brazilian Basia songs.

  • La Luna If this song doesn't move you, something is very wrong.

  • The Waters of March Faithful to the Jobim version, but taken up a notch.

  • Cruising For Bruising A near-perfect pop song.

  • Baby You're Mine Relentlessly romantic. Will make you swoon.

  • Half A Minute From the '84 Matt Bianco album, her only lead vocal on Whose Side Are You On. A great indication of things to come-- and killer Ronnie Ross sax!

  • Ordinary Day A new mellow Brazilian track with the classic Basia bossa-nova sound.

  • Miles Away A bit of a sleeper from the first album, classic 50s-60s styled pop-jazz.

  • Promises The intricate lyric can stay in your head for days.

  • An Olive Tree A Latin throwdown, and time-signature hopscotch!

  • Take Him Back Rachel As breezy as it gets with some salsa sass to boot.

  • From Now On One of the most moving Basia lyrics ever.

  • Time and Tide An actually-perfect pop song. Everyone should be so lucky to have such an amazing signature track. Killer piano from Danny.

  • Ordinary People One of the most authentic-sounding Latin tracks they've done.

  • Copernicus Practically a mission statement, this song explains it all.

  • New Day for You Basia takes an encouraging note from a friend and shares its hope and optimism with the world. Pretty cool, really.

  • Astrud Clever tribute and one of our favorite backing-vocal harmonies. And check the Wanderly-like organ parts!

  • My Cruel Ways Underrated Tamla-esque song has a refreshing rock-blues undertone.

  • Say The Words Stunning lyrics and brilliant phrasing. Not to mention heartbreaking.

  • Simple Pleasures A 'slow jam' reminding us of Anita, but with a bossa-nova twist