Thursday, May 11, 2006

More fantastico Basia videos

Someone is going buckwild uploading videos to YouTube so I thought I would alert you to them since they are not to be missed. "Promises" is far too cute to not be in the Eighties. "Time and Tide" is good fun ("Basie?" "It's Basia."), and "Baby You're Mine" is one of the most gorgeous video clips they ever did. Meanwhile in the twenty-first century is the clip for "Ordinary Day," apparently liberated from the Matt Bianco site, and further proof that Basia doesn't really age like most mortal women. EDIT: ALL of these clips have been removed. You know, it's a shame that this material won't be enjoyed by people because of rights paranoia. This stuff has been "lost" for years-- or were never played where actual fans could enjoy them-- so why not give them the light of day, instead of shoving them away to nowhere in the name of copyright.