Thursday, June 15, 2006

Live on American TV, and some natty jewel thieves

Long ago a bunch of fans gathered up their videocassettes (remember those?) and their LDs and sent them to the one guy who had the equipment in an age before iDVD to dub them onto CD-ROM- and thus the Basia Video Project was born. Our esteemed site founder, Ben, then got everyone hooked up with their own copy. The fandom rejoiced.

Ten years later and during another (thankfully finite) slow period we have the endless fun that is YouTube, something that couldn't even be conceived of in those days. Even more video goodness: First, there's the second number from that Tonight Show episode, this time "Astrud." Check out who I think might be Marc Antoine on guitar, in a look he'd probably just as soon forget.

At this point I'm feeling quite spoiled, but there's also the video to "Until You Come Back To Me" (shot at Seattle's Paramount) and another fab Matt Bianco mini-movie, "Sneaking Out the Back Door," in which Basia out-hustles street thugs at cards and Danny engages in print-on-demand the old fashioned way. I really love those old Matt Bianco videos. Let all this booty tide you over until the next album update.

EDIT: Clips removed by YouTube.