Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fan gets some interesting skinny

Danny White is back with bro Peter's band at Pizza in the Park in London through Monday (so grab your tix asap) and fan 49rsphil had a great conversation with him:

"Obviously I asked about the progress of the next album. The situation is that 10 songs have already been recorded and a further 3 are needed to bring it to it's optimum length. These are still in the pipeline and Basia and Danny are taking a break while Danny plays these gigs and Basia is currently with her family in Poland. Danny seems very pleased with the quality of the new material but the cloud on the horizon is the fact that there is not currently a record deal in place. They have approached a few companies but with the consolidation that has occured in the industry there are not too many major players with the muscle to get the album out worldwide. They need the deal to finance the final mixing to their satisfaction and also to enable the band to be assembled and rehearsed in readiness for a tour to promote the disc.

"This will delay the release of the project and 2008 is far more likely than 2007 so we will have to be patient but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait :)

"I tried to find out if there was a working title. Danny said that two possibilities had emerged so far.
It's That Girl Again was considered but that has cooled a bit and Two Islands is the current favourite. I really like that. Both of these are titles of songs that have been recorded. As I said this is just a working title and is no way the final word."

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