Thursday, August 30, 2007

Awesome 1990 interview posted

Within the London Warsaw New York tour program was a fantastic, highly insightful interview with Basia. It remains one of the best interviews ever conducted with her, so I was thrilled when the author, Ron Fell, granted permission to reproduce it on BasiaWeb. We present it here for the first time in seventeen years.

Ron says: "While owner/publisher/editor of The Gavin Report, I was the writer who did the centerpiece interview of Basia for the tour program of the 1990 London Warsaw New York world tour...It was a fairly extensive Q&A for its time in her career and I remain a huge fan of hers. The interview was conducted in the Spring of ’90 the same weekend she was in New York for her VH1 documentary which became the multi-track video she made at that time.

Thanks again for your gracious permission, Ron!

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  1. Anonymous4:36 AM

    Great interview! Please go on with this website. I'm a great Basia fan.