Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nothing really going on: hence, videos

Let's occupy ourselves with this roundup of the latest uploads to YouTube-- thanks to Mark, Marcin and the others for the alerts!

All the interview segments from A New Day in one easy clip. Anyone know where this was filmed?
The Euro/UK "Promises" video, by itself this time.
The clip for "Time and Tide" is back up.
The "Run For Cover" video!

and, um WOW! THIS! (Hey, I never saw this before today, so you can't blame me for being a little excited!)

Please comment!


  1. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I have the so nice single and its pretty cool seeing a more recent onecompared to the others the video are neat thanks :D I was hoping for some new album news hopefull by the end of the yr like you said which leaves us one more month ahead of us :)

  2. Very nice... I'd never expected to see a video for that. Makes me remember how much I liked the song.

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I too have the CD single for this and never realized how great the song really is til I viewed this video! Just makes me want to hear her voice on a new CD even more! I'm voting for the CD title to be "It's That Girl Again" if I have any say in it! Thank you for this posting! It truly made my dreary week 100% better.

  4. Anonymous2:39 AM

    OMG! She is great! I want to see her come back! Her songs are so uplifting! I want to see a new album!!!! Please!!!!

  5. where is her right now?

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    "Anyone know where this was filmed?"

    Concerning the first part - where Basia is sitting insome high building and telling the story of her youth - I don't know.

    But later - outside - the city is Warsaw - mainly Old Town, plus some other places (e.g. you can spot for a short moment a monument - Grave of Unknown Soldier)

  7. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I had never heard this song before very nice.