Thursday, March 06, 2008

Music section up

Music, lyrics and random bits of info can now be had on our Music section. The main releases have been covered and the others will be following behind. There's also a handy roundup of all the known new album info (no, there's nothing new since the last time except that Peter White mentions on his site that he just got back from working on it).

Surely something went awry in the course of putting this together so do let me know either in comments or via email what that something is. I also would love to know more trivia, Polish punctuation (and missing Polish lyrics-- I lost my copy of TSI when moving :( ), lyrics to "Springtime Laughter" from some published source (like sheetmusic-- something official, not fan generated) and how to get the main menu there to look more like the main menu here. You know, the basics. ;)

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