Friday, May 02, 2008

It's That Girl Again

Information about the album! The title will be It's That Girl Again and the label/release stuff is getting locked up. Here's what we can say for the time being.

Track listing (subject to change, of course!):

1. If Not Now Then When
2. Someone for Everyone
3. Everybody's On The Move
4. Tear in My Eye
5. Love Lies Bleeding
6. Blame It On The Summer
7. It's That Girl Again
8. I Must
9. Two Islands
10. Winners
11. They Know Nothing About Us
12. Clear Horizon
13. Amelki Smiech ["Amelka's Laughter"]

To connect the dots with previous posts: "If Not Now Then When" was co-written with Kevin Robinson. "Someone for Everyone" has Mark Reilly on backing vocals, "Clear Horizon" is a new version of the song from the Best of comp ten years ago (in a much more natural Basia style) and "Winners" has a Carnaval feel. "Amelki" is in Polish (apologies to Polish speakers, the accent-S would not reproduce here) and Danny's description of it as "Come To Heaven" meets "Rachel's Wedding" makes sense, actually!

More information as it develops.


  1. Anonymous7:30 AM

    That's a great news! I cannot wait it.

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Thank you very much Leslie for this info!!!
    I am waiting impatiently for the album :-) Do you have any idea when it will be available to buy?

    I really hope that they will come to play some concerts in Poland, thought from what Danny said maybe it can't be that certain.

    Basiu - naprawdÄ™ bardzo na Ciebie czekam!!! :-)

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    FANTASTIC!! Keep us posted, Thanks!!

  4. Anonymous11:29 PM

    It's been soooo long, I can't wait aswell. Love anything Basia ;-)

  5. Krysia-- they are still working the release details out, but as soon as it's known I'll be bellowing from the tower, believe me!

    I hope some promoter can bring her to Poland. It's overdue.

  6. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Hey, Krysia:

    If she doesn't make it to Poland, why don't YOU come to Houston? You can sit with me! We'll have some delish BBQ before the concert.


  7. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Thank you for such a nice proposal - haha :-D
    I will definitely consider it if they decide not to come to Poland :-)
    I also have a good friend in Phoenix, Arizona who keeps telling me I should visit over there. I know it is pretty far from Huston, but still, if I already come from Poland, it is not so far any more :-)

  8. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Hey Amy, I'm Rob in Austin, a hugh Basia fan since the beginning, maybe we can join forces to get Basia to come to Texas!

  9. Anonymous4:11 PM

    To tell honestly - last (and only) time I have seen Basia live was half o my life ago :-)
    It was in September 1994 during The Sweetest Ilussion tour in Katowice and the tickets were a present from my dad for my b-day.
    I was 14 than and (easy to count ;-)) I will turn 28 this year.

    Hi time to repeat it I guess ;-)

  10. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I am dying for this release!!! Thanks for the updates Leslie.
    Basia--Come to Salt Lake City!

  11. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I am a die hard Basia / Matt Bianco and Peter White Fan.......
    Can't wait for the release of the new album...and of course, the concert.


  12. I can't WAIT for this album! I love Basia and her songs are like the soundtrack to my life.

  13. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Hi Leslie! OMG, finally it's gonna get released, hurray!!

    We are soooo lucky that Basia decided to record again, lots of love, kisses and good intentions 4 her.

    All the best,

    (yeah... that girl again :p)

  14. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Today I found this website and I'm so happy that the new Basia's album is coming soon. It so good news!

    When the new album will be released in Poland?

    Greetings from Warsaw!


  15. 1. Party at Amy's! Hahaha! I would LOVE to have some of that BBQ. Oh, and to meet Krysia of course. Virtual barbeque? ;)

    2. AIII! It's that girl again!?!? Haha, just playin' SGG! Good to see you in the comments!

    3. Hi Michal! Release details aren't known just yet. Now you know where to go to get the info, welcome!! :D

  16. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hahaha Leslie! It would be awesome to meet you and other Basia fans in person.
    Amy are you ready for more BBQ guests? :-)

    Michal - welcome - great to know there are more of us - Basia fans -in Poland :-)

  17. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! I thought waiting on Sade albums was painful, but Basia has passed them all. Well now that I think about it, I think Guns & Roses fans have been waiting for 17 years. "Chinese Democracy" is suppose to be the nam of the new G&R album. Maybe it's a play on words. No Chinese Democracy = No Guns & Roses Album.

    I LOVE BASIA!!!!!!!! Strange....... all these Texas folks on here. I live outside of Dallas. I saw Basia in 1990 and 1994 in Dallas. She was great!!!!! Hope to see her again so my wife can see her.

    How 'bout those Cowboys!!!!!!!! 19 and 0 this year I predict.

  18. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Thanks for that great news, Leslie! I'll be checking back on news of the US release!
    I hope Basia, Danny and the group come to Atlanta or nearby. But, heck I'd go to Texas if that's where the BBQ is....however, Amy, I must say that I make a killer BBQ myself. (Grillers get out your tongs!) Krysia if you can't make it that far, we've got plenty of room in ATL!

  19. Anonymous10:37 AM

    I was listening to The Sweetest Illusion today and thought;;

    "I wonder if she has a new album coming out?"

    ..googled and what a thrill!!

    Is there a release date?
    Do they have it mastered yet?
    I'm Tom Coyne's Project Manager.

    You're music is wonderful! I'm very excited!

  20. Anonymous7:06 AM

    Hey Chris! Hmmm - that's very tmepting - if you say that you make such a great BBQ - hahaha :-D

    Don't think guys I would doubt to accept your invitations :-) If I make it already that far, would be great to meet some of you :-)
    Let's see what the future brings!

  21. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Good heavens! I'm having guests! Help me, Nigella!

    Hey, we can all do BBQ if you like, and I do it easily. I'll see if I can borrow some chairs.

    Krysia, I have a friend in Mesa, AZ, just outside Phoenix; she went to see Basia during the last Matt Bianco tour on my recommendation, and LOVED it. Good chance Basia will go there again--so if you don't wanna visit Houston, get to Phoenix!

    I also saw Basia in New Orleans on TWI tour in 1994; I'd just finished my first degree and figured I deserved a treat. It was fantastic, of course.

    Rob--you're in Austin? I LOVE Austin! Going to see Bobby Caldwell there in August with some longtime friends.

    Went to see Chicago over the weekend here in Houston, and. . .I'm thinking next year Basia will come. I'll go see Basia NO MATTER WHAT!!!


  22. Anonymous9:24 PM

    is Basia considering a tour? please come to Washington DC or Charlottesville VA - lot's of fans in driving range. can't wait for new album and to see her back in the music headlines. what a talent.

  23. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Is Basia going on tour? It will be great to see her back in the music headlines - what a talented musician. Please consider soemthing in Virginia - Charlottesville, Richmond or Washington DC. There are tons of fans in driving range of all those concert sites.