Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Marek interview [CORRECTED]

So, I was getting a bit confused about the Marek N. interview with Basia after reading the commnents about different stations etc. Luckily Andrzej showed up to set me straight: "Bits of today's interview with Basia are going to be aired next Saturday at 11:00am via (Radio Zlote Przeboje) but the whole interview is going to be next Wednesday TUESDAY (9p.m. - 11p.m.) via (Radio Smooth Jazz Cafe) - all Central European Time." Thanks for that!

If this was in English I'd be totally liveblogging this now. Hey, next time we get a shot at this, I'll try to liveblog AND get some sort of chat going in the comments while it's on.


  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Bits of today's interview with Basia are going to be aired next Saturday at 11a.m. via (Radio Zlote Przeboje) but the whole interview is going to be next Tuesday (9p.m. - 11p.m.) via (Radio Smooth Jazz Cafe) - all Central European Time.

  2. Anonymous3:21 AM

    OMG! It must be really on my mind - cause tonight my dream (a horrible one) was that I forgot about the interview and realized that after it was over and I was thinking I must write it down and put on my desk not to forget the second chance - hahaha :-D

  3. Anonymous6:03 AM

    Parts of the interview aired today were about the new website ( about the last 15 years, new Matt Bianco album (without Basia), the album title, the 14th song "Oh, Mama", collaborations with Spyro Gyra and, most of all, about... Leslie!!! "Leslie is a dedicated fan, she's so intelligent, she understands what we are doing. Her opinions about the songs surprise us - we share the same!"
    More information and translation - soon.

  4. Anonymous8:10 AM

    That's what I wanted to write :-) Basia was really talking quite a lot about Basia Web and you Leslie - just as Andrzej said.
    They also talked for a little while in english - anybody from outside Poland listened to it?

    Looks like Andrzej is willing to take my translation job :-) Go ahead for it, cause recently I've been out of business, due to so much work, so probably it would take me more time to translate it, while you seem to be such a speedy Gonzalez ;-). Or we can cooperate if you wish :-)

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Cooperation seems a good idea :)

  6. I am... speechless. Wow, I'm... wow.

  7. I'm listening to this right now! Despite understanding very little, it's nice to hear! Normally I try to record these things for posterity but then the software I used so reliably three years ago is now toasted, and in any case my hard drive is full! Ack!

    I tuned in just in time to hear Basia's kind commnents-- I'm still stunned, thank you, so much!

    Haha, I can tell she's talking about Kevin now because her voice changed! ;)

  8. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Hey Leslie, so we are now together :-) I am recording it the traditional method - with my MP3 player recording option.

    Enjoy!!! :-)

  9. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Argh! Why something must always go wrong? I have forgotten to change the battery and recording stopped I don't know when. Good that I have had additional option - just in case - normal casette recorder, with which I was recording the bits that were not aired on Saturday.

  10. The web site is super & I REALLY love the "basia songs" part....EXCELLENT!! Please keep us up to date with album & concert info!! GREAT job! As a true Basia fan I can very much appreciate this all!! Thanks so much for all the effort putting this together!
    Annie Engelbrecht
    Brooklyn, NY

  11. Greetings from Terrassa, Catalonia/Spain

    It has been a pleasure to read this interview and to know Basia will release a new album five years after her comeback with Matt Bianco ( I still remember this amazing band and her playing "Ordinary Day" at a Spanish TV show on TelevisiĆ³n EspaƱola back in summer 2004)

    I know Basia since 1990 or so, the year of "London Warsaw New York" By that time, my pocket money wouldn't allow me to buy me records. Several years later, when LP's became harder and harder to find, I could get the compilation CD "Clear Horizon"-- WOW! Such a revelation she adapted and sung AC Jobim :)

    And lately, two weeks ago, I bought a second hand copy of "London, Warsaw..." on vinyl !!

    Apart from that TV appearance mentioned above, I don't whether she had visited Spain before...Anyway, we have great music festivals in which she would fit perfectly, so please let her know about the following examples:

    - FESTIVAL DE JAZZ DE TERRASSA (in the springtime)

    - LOS VERANOS DE LA VILLA in Madrid,

    - 30 NITS in Sabadell

    - FESTIVAL GREC in Barcelona
    (These ones are hold in summer)

    In short, it is good to hear from Basia again and I hope she visits Spain on her forthcoming tour!

    Kindest regards,
    Jordi Hatero