Thursday, July 17, 2008

Signing imminent, official site!

Oh boy, things are kicking into gear now!

Basia and Danny are thisclose to drying the ink with Koch, among the biggest indie distributors in the US. I'm sure-- since we have until February or spring 2009 until the album's release-- that there will be some news regarding distribution in other countries between now and then.

There is now an OFFICIAL Basia website-- I love it-- it's so fun and looks sharp. (and the eyes are watching you, lol!) Oh, but wait: if you go to the Audio section.... song samples! For new songs! There's video from the Matt Bianco days, a gallery, and a Bio close to my heart. :)

We're so close you guys! Let's partay in the comments.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I am soooo happy I can't wait to get my hands on the new album!!Thank You Leslie for keeping everyone up to date on all news pertaining to Basia, Danny and Mark.

  2. Anonymous2:49 AM

    Sorry, I don't for a minute believe that Basia is a Mac user and cooked up that site (various first-person British spelling implications to that effect). Indeed, previous interviews have said that she doesn't even use a computer!

    Now Danny on the other hand is more technically proficient as evidenced by the minor on-the-fly sequencing tweaks from his laptop during the last MB concert tour and his burning CD's of the next album for you to listen to but I didn't think he made the jump to the Mac world (though I'd love to be proven wrong!).

    - A Fan :-)

  3. Anonymous3:06 AM

    whoops, sorry Leslie, didn't mean you:

    >>...his burning CD's of the next album for you to listen to

    That should have read "...for 49ersphil to listen to" (from his May 1st post-concert report)

    Gotta quit staying up so late :-)

  4. Too funny! You are correct that neither literally designed and coded the site (though those first-person British spelling whatsits are all them)-- it was done by Danny's wife GrĂ¡inne, a designer who also created the Matt's Mood artwork.

    But I gotta tell you-- Basia and Danny are BOTH Mac users, and the new album was made on Macs. :)

  5. Anonymous2:54 AM

    This is definitely cause to celebrate! I have been going through some tough times, and just listening to these sound samples is helping me to realize that happier times will come again. I posted a link to on Basia's wikipedia entry.

  6. Anonymous12:03 PM

    ahhh, that would explain the email address then.

    The site itself has the makings of iWeb '08, complete with .mov files (too bad there aren't flac/ogg or even mp3 files instead). Still, a labour of love :-)

    - A Fan

  7. I have heard a sample of the songs and glad that Basia will release a new CD next year. I am so tired of hearing generic singers who have dominiated the industry for the past decade.

    Its time for real music to return.

  8. Anonymous11:04 PM

    I got more than one friend hooked on Basia in the 80s. Cannot wait for the 2009 release. I have missed her voice; there's no one like her! I can still remember cruising into NYC from Connecticut one Thursday night for a concert at Carnegie Hall. While stopped in traffic, the people in the next car wanted to know who we were listening to. Hurray, like water on a rock, it worked!