Thursday, October 02, 2008

Basia: Koch deal done, album February '09, touring spring

via Basia's myspace page Basia has posted a message on her myspace as well as new tracks.

"Good news! Our deal with Koch Records has at last been finalized for the release of our CD in North America. We're still working on the rest of the world! The schedule at the moment is for a single release in late January and then the album will follow in late February. We would then, all going well, tour some time around April/May/June time. Where exactly, we just don't know yet, but watch this space or check out the website ( To celebrate we have added two new tasters, 'There's a Tear' and 'Everybody's on the Move' (instrumental). Thanks to those who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. I celebrated it with my brother and sister, by going to see Stevie Wonder at the 02 Arena. He was fantastic, we had a wonderful night! With love Basia"

If you haven't already, do add Basia to your friends list:

Also: it appears that you can now add their songs to your myspace playlist, THANK YOU!! because I was feeling like a heel for having everyone but Basia on mine, frankly. Gotta represent, and us fans are going to have to work harder to spread the word this time since they are indie now!


  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Hmm, the song "Everybody's on the Move" isn't on the web site yet.

    I need to thank Danny for making the Tear Snippit file available as a 160kbps .mp3 rather than a QuickTime-centric .mov file. Some Linux players couldn't handle the .mov file.

    Who has the lyrics past "I could have fought for you 'til the end, I would have..."??

    Thanks again!

    - A Fan

  2. "Everyone's On The Move" is a great slice of music. Love it. Pulled it and have it on my iPod. Actually came out great. Hope the album has some extras (video, etc.)


  3. i would always be willing to help promote. basia should use her new song 'someone for everyone' as a sort of dating song for the world. haven't heard the song yet, but that is the first of many of my ideas..

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I am really happy for you guys :-)but I am wondering how about the Europe release!

  5. I absolutely will try to attend every concert that I can when Basia tours in the USA. I think I have seen her over tens times in my life and would love to hear/see her again. I would definitely recommend that she tour in the Chicago and Cleveland areas. The events she gave there almost 20 years ago are still vivid in my mind.

  6. Gee2Mc11:29 AM

    Just read about Basia celebrating her birthday by seeing Stevie Wonder's concert at the O2 Arena. OMG! That concert is one of my all-time favorite Stevie Wonder DVDs. I have it on Blu-ray and I watch it quite frequently. Everytime I watch it now, I'll be thinking that Basia was right there in the audience.