Friday, November 07, 2008

New BasiaWeb Flickr groups

Today I set up two different Flickr groups so fans can share their goodies. One has to do with sharing scans of those great vinyl, cassette, and CD covers along with the even more fun to collect things like flyers for shows, record awards, promo items... basically, if you have physical Basia-related objects, BasiaWeb Collectors is the place to show it off! On the other hand, if you have photos from past shows or those typically-hilarious pics of you throwing the metal salute with Basia or whatever, these go into BasiaWeb FanFotos (love those intercaps around here, haha).

Please be sure to read my little disclaimer paragraph before uploading, especially if you have never used a photo sharing group before. Something that I am going to be a huge stickler on: keep your links to eBay ads and personal sales web sites away, please, as well as pleads to check out your site or your profile. I want to keep this fun and smooth!

So please take part and enjoy! Now, many of you know I've been sitting on loads of material in the constant hope to upload it, until I get daunted and intimidated by the volume. ;) If I have your material and you'd rather me put it up for you, I have no problem doing that! Let me know and please, give me a few days to do it. Thanks!

I look forward to seeing all the great stuff!

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