Thursday, February 05, 2009

CONFIRMED: Koch sales book outlining release details of It's That Girl Again, set for March 24.

Commenter "Mark" has left a link to Koch's spring sales PDF, including artwork, photo, and release date for It's That Girl Again. (However, this artwork is not the final version)

  • March 24, 2009!!!
  • "A Gift" goes to AC radio, while "Blame It On The Summer" goes to Smooth Jazz (gulp).
  • Commercials will air on CBS Sunday Morning on March 22.
  • Touring, apparently!
  • This is intriguing: "Internet awareness campaign to mobilize the Basia fan base through social networking sites and core websites." Universal said the same thing during Matt's Mood, yet I never did hear from them-- the fans did all the work as per usual, though there was that entertaining intern that spammed every message board in town, gaining credibility nowhere and sort of undermining us. We shall see what Koch means by this.
  • I just want it known that I did not write that piece. I did however, write this.
It's safe to freak out now. WHOOOOOO!


  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    I like the photo though it looks like somebody shifted the colors so part of her hair and neck have a greenish tinge. I can't imagine this is a reflection!

    One can only assume any US tour would center around the listed "Top Soundscan DMA markets" cities. Such is the state of the market these days, though artists receive higher percentages by touring than album sales so perhaps they will expand to other cities...closer to me :-)

    - A Fan

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Great news, even if not confirmed! But what about Europe, I'm asking again???!!!

    Leslie, have you noticed that they have put there basiaweb and no basiasongs?

  3. Krysia, there's nothing for Europe that I know of thus far. :(

    Yes, I noticed that. It's not good. :( much as the site loves the attention, their own site is there for a reason!

  4. Yeah "A Fan," my nearest city isn't on the top markets either, but I wonder if it will end up being as important as that, if promoters in our little burgs will bring them in.

  5. Anonymous2:52 PM

    "A Gift" goes to AC radio, while "Blame It On The Summer" goes to Smooth Jazz (gulp).

    What does this mean? I thought they meant AG is the first and BIOTS will be the second single. No?

  6. My main concern is that there is STILL NOTHING on Koch's main site to promote Basia as an artist. This is the kind of stuff that honestly frustrates me - since we all want her to do well. If the mysterious "Mark" comes by again - keep the fanbase involved - we've been waiting and waiting and we want this to be being of Basia in the 21st century!

  7. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Thanks Leslie for being so true and honest about Basia's style and talent in your annoucement. I love her musical intellect...her interpretation of what is being've done he justice. Now if we can get Basia to come to the Pike Peak Center in Colorado Springs I would be a very happy man.