Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All Music review

is now online. In the past they've had a couple squirrelly reviews of Basia's work, so I'm glad to see this lively review.


  1. This is a GREAT album - well worth the wait! My top 3 - I Must (Go Basia!!), Two Islands (sweet), and Winners (especially the break). Basia is back! We love you Basia (and gang).

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Oh yes. You know, you listen to the album once or twice to begin to hear and remember the nuances that make it so separate from the other work and then....WOOOW,it's another masterwork. It amazes me how so much garbage hits the airwaves when Basia and Danny produce such incredible, layered, complex compositions. I am sure that Europe and elsewhere abroad are more sophisticated than the US music buying public. I hope that the commmercial markets here give their audiences the chance to hear more of this amazing music.