Friday, March 27, 2009


Ring the bell, sound the horn, the fan corps are being called into action!

"Blame It On The Summer" will be played as the Feedback Track of the week on the Smooth Jazz Top 20 Countdown show THIS WEEKEND (March 28/29)! Needless to say we need to give the feedback, and how. This is Broadcast Architecture's countdown show, and they have a lot of influence. Let's get BA to finally acknowledge that Basia needs to be a staple again on their Smooth Jazz Network and consulted stations.

Vote online NOW for "Blame It On The Summer," you only have to click on the graphic on that site to do so. ANYONE can vote, and just in: you do not have to register or anything. You don't have to have access to the actual show or be in the country. But if you are dying to hear this countdown in your area, you can.

Do it!


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    here is the direct link to vote:

  2. Anonymous2:46 AM


    Run 4 cover

  3. Amy in Houston11:59 PM

    Hey, Leslie!! I voted!!! TWICE.

    So far my favorite tracks are "Everybody's On The Move" and "Love Lies Bleeding." OMG, the background vocals go up and down like an elevator! So cool. But, it's Basia, what do you expect?

    Hey, any chance that the sheet music will be published? Just curious. I don't really sing anymore, but seeing as I have the first two books, I wouldn't mind having the music book for this one.

    Leslie, you're wonderful for keeping all the info coming!

  4. Krysia12:38 PM

    A question to you - there were music books for the previous albums? I didn't know that! What is the music book - does it mean that there are notes for the songs?
    Any chance that you could maybe scan at least a song or two and put it on Flickr or possibly send to me? I would love to maybe check if I can learn to play something:-)

    Thank you in advance!

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

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  7. Amy in Houston11:30 PM


    Yes, there were books for her first three CDs, but I'm not sure where I bought them. I think I got them from this one: This was a couple of years ago. Also check out, which only lists The Sweetest Illusion, but you might be able to find them there, or even eBay. However, I don't have a scanner at home.


  8. I love Basia's new cd "It's That Girl Again!' I went directly to Borders Bookstore and purchased this cd. Thank you so much Basia for giving us such beautiful music. Your voice brings a smile to me every time I listen to you.

    I have been listening to ITGA every single day. Each song has it's way with me. I love it!

    I love every song but I do have my favorites that I can't get enough of and they are 'It's That Girl Again, Everybody On The Move, They Know Nothing About Us, Clear Horizon and If Not Now Then When.

    Thank you Basia! :O)