Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WTF Borders?

Update on the Borders situation: fans who have not been able to get the Borders Exclusive version of It's That Girl Again in stores have ordered it online, BUT were given the 13-track, no-bonus-tracks version. Clearly this isn't acceptable and a real shame.


  1. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Yes, I ordered a number of copies from borders.com (grrr $19.00 full price ripoff grrr) and was dismayed - to put it mildly - after I opened the package. On the plus side there are two Borders stores near me, one of which had a numerous copies with the extra tracks, so it worked out in the end. I'm trying to look at this with a positive view: I now have extra copies to give away to friends to introduce them to Basia. Too bad it's not Xmas (lol, die-hard fan CD reference :-)

    - A Fan

  2. Amy in Houston1:59 PM

    Go figure, both the copy I ordered and the one I bought in the store had 15 tracks. I'm sorry! But I am glad I got them, one is going to my aunt who doesn't know who Basia is.

  3. Stan Takemoto2:40 AM

    I walked into my local Borders [just north of Seattle, WA, USA] on April 6th and purchased my 2nd copy of "It's That Girl Again" to go along with my Japanese HQCD copy. Not only was it the 15-track version with "Oh Mama", but it was also on sale for $14.99 USD.

    The sales clerk said that he hadn't been aware that Basia was back, but he was glad to see a new CD. I told her that the new release was wonderful and he should check it out.

    So, when do we start seeing the CD singles? :-)


    Can't wait for tour info as well...