Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/21 charts

Up and up and up!

#5 Billboard Contemporary Jazz albums (It's That Girl Again)
#16 R&R Monitored Smooth Jazz chart; #1 Most Increased Play ("Blame It On the Summer")
#17 Mediabase Smooth A/C chart("Blame It On the Summer")
#18 Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs ("Blame It On the Summer")
#25 Smoothjazz.com; Top 10 Spincrease! (It's That Girl Again)

#1 Lista Przebojów Radia Złote Przeboje ("A Gift")

Anyone know what is happening in Japan?

EDIT: from Krysia-
Yesterday's (Friday - 24.04.2009)Radio Zlote Przeboje Chart results:
- A gift - 2nd
- Blame it on the Summer - 22nd

You can vote for the songs this way:
Go to the site,
(choose "Lista przebojów" from the menu on the left)

You need to register ("Rejestracja") before you vote ("Zagłosuj"). (Thanks to commenter mk for the directions!

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