Monday, April 06, 2009

Basia and Danny on Radio Orla this Wednesday

George Matlock, now with Radio Orla, will have Basia and Danny in-studio this Wednesday at 9pm LONDON TIME. He is again gathering questions: "If you would like to ask Basia a question and stand a chance of winning a signed copy of their new CD, email your question to dj @ (remove spaces) by Tuesday, April 7. Include in the subject line "Basia Q". The first questions selected at random by Basia and Danny will win a CD! You can also phone during the show to ask a question live on +44 208 998 6630."

Does anyone know if this is simulcast online? If anyone has the ability to record this show and send to me, I'd love to transcribe it (though I'm still transcribing the last one, hahaha).


  1. Krysia4:48 PM

    I am loving this interview!!! :-)

  2. Marek5:27 PM

    Krysia, was there your question?:)

    Anyone has recorded it?

  3. Krysia6:40 AM

    Yeah, it was mine :-)
    The interview sounded so natural, as if good friends have met :-) I just loved it - I really hope they will have a chance for another one - as they were talking at the end!

  4. Andrzej4:55 PM

    Where can I re-listen to the interview from?

  5. Krysia12:37 PM
    Click on Hour2.