Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interview in Poland

Another interview ith Basia in Poland for style24 website.


  1. Krysia1:19 PM

    Leslie, how comes that I find from you about interviews in Poland/ Polish press? :-)

    BTW, today I found that there was phone interview in Polish Radio 3 last Friday. Really on time :-P I wouldn't have been able to listen to it anyways, cause I was on a weekend student association alumni meeting.

  2. I wouldn't know about anything without our commenters! This was a tip from one of them (thank you!).

  3. Anonymous3:23 AM

    What a lovely photograph used for the interview. Looks like its from this year.
    Think this would have been better for the album cover personally.

  4. Great photo used in the interview on this web site - think this would have been better for the album cover.

  5. Krysia5:45 AM

    Thanks! I have found that that was the newest number of magazine called "PANI". Obviously I have run to buy the paper version of it :-)
    The photo that's on the www is nice, entire page photo. I simply adore it and I agree that one should rather have been used as album cover!
    Besides I believe that other photos in the paper version are well know, besides maybe one - which is Basia with Alibabki - I will scan it when I'm back home on Wednesday.

  6. Watch Basia interview
    it was for TVP Polonia, Tydzien Polski

  7. Marek9:59 AM

    New interview in Polish with Basia (VIDEO!) official page:
    (beggining at 28:00 minute)