Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's That Girl Again #5 on Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album chart

And this is it's chart debut!!


  1. Krysia3:44 AM

    Can we/ shell we vote somewhere, somehow for it? Don't know how the Billboard chart works.

  2. It's not based on voting, it is based on sales. :)

  3. Krysia1:06 PM

    Ah! Cool :-)
    Pity that it's not using sales in Poland, I could at least have my part in it ;-)

  4. krisek6:17 AM

    It seems the Billboard works in mysterious ways... Blame It On The Summer is on a different chart category...

  5. That's because BIOTS is on the Smooth Jazz Songs chart, which is a singles chart, while ITGA is on an Album chart. :)

  6. nyone managed to get hold of the us version with Oh Mama on it yet?
    Seen it listed on with this track but dubious about ordering unless I know it's deinfiately included (not like the Borders Version).

  7. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Got hold of my copy with Oh Mama - really nice track - incredibly catchy - it's beyond me why it wasn't included on the album.....