Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UPDATED Basia all over Polish TV and radio this week

And some websites and print for good measure.

UPDATED! Here's what is on the docket, officially. I can't vouch for broadcast times as some things may be taped, but are live if indicated:

Thursday May 21st
  • 10– 15 minute Interview for TELEEXPRESS (an afternoon news program) and TELEPLOTKI (a local program for TVP 3 about what
    happened in the last week in show business) -with Marek Sierocki
  • 14.00 – 15.00 “Prywatna Kolekcja” - a live program in Polish Radio PR 3 with Piotr Stelmach. The artists talk about their favorite recordings.
  • 17.00 – 18.00 Interview for Magiel Towarzyski – a culture/ lifestyle program on TVN Style with Karolina Korwin – Piotrowska
  • Also, interview for

Friday May 22nd
  • 9.30 – 9.50 (TV) Live broadcast – 6-8 minute interview with Jarek Kuzniar (TVN24 the biggest news television in Poland)
  • recording 20– 30 minute Interview for and interia TV (one of the three biggest internet portals)
  • Interview for
  • 13.00– 14.00 Radio 2 live entrances and a 20 minute interview in Chilli ZET
  • 19.00– 20.00 (Radio) Live in Radio PiN – on a program with Maciek Ulewicz “Goraczka Codziennego Wieczoru”

Saturday May 23rd
  • between 10.00 – 13.00 Radio Złote Przeboje „Złote Słodsze i Najsłodsze” with Marek Niedźwiecki
  • interview for Tom Cultury- EMPIK's magazine
  • 12.00 – 13.00 - „Złote Słodsze i najsłodsze” Radio Złote Przeboje
  • 19.00 – 20.00 “Lista Przebojów” – a live program in Polish Radio PR 3. Basia together with Piotr Baron will run the program.

Sunday May 24th
  • “Good Morning TVN” – half-hour of chat, also one main interview/conversation, a short conversation with Danny, live performance and contest (winners get the CD!)
  • There will be an interview for Claudia magazine.

Monday, May 25
  • Basia and Danny begin five-day sleep to recover from all this. (haha)


  1. Krysia3:31 AM

    Ahhh, for the first time since I live in my flat, I regret I don't have a TV ;-)
    But one thing - Teleexpress program is 15 minutes long itself so I doubt the interview would be 10-15 min, it rather will be "half a minute" :-)

  2. Krysia4:21 AM

    P.S. I am trying to make my Dad to record me at least one of the TV appearances. So if their VHS player/recorder is still working and they have the channels Basia will appear in I might have something.
    P.S.2 Quite a tight schedule I must say!

  3. Marcus1:36 PM

    Will she come back alive? My goodness what a huge list. I'm checking the net to see if I can record some.

  4. Krysia1:15 AM

    Monday, May 25th you mean? ;-)

    Well, there's really a lot I must say. They will need a good sleep later :-) So as I see both will be everywhere? Poor Danny, he will probably be asked 100 times how many words in Polish he knows ;-)

    Unfortunately no in-store appearance :-( I have quite tight weekend too, but I would skip everything to go and see them.
    But be sure I will grab Tom Kultury in Empik, next time I go there (it's free) and than will have my eye on Claudia not to miss the number where she will be.

    But I am just wondering why there was no message sent through the BasiaSongs list (not even updated on the page, still info on American tour at the moment of writing this comment)! I mean I know that the US are main market and in no general-public appereances in Poland this time, but I think some people would be interested to get this info, and maybe they would get some more viewers/listeners. Thought I have to say all of the programs are well known and have quite a huge public.

    Guess I should go to buy some more copies of ITGA today, cause if the promotion works well, maybe it will be sold out after the weekend ;-) (I really wish it to them!)

  5. Marek9:48 AM

    Basia in Polish Radio 3:
    (but I can't find the interviews..)