Thursday, May 21, 2009

Basia and Danny in "Prywatna Kolekcja"

(by Krysia via the lists)
Here is the link to the program where B&D were today 2-3 pm. There are 2 photos and there is also the list of the songs of their choice, I pasted it with my comments from the program (let's call it a short report ;-))

Grzegorz Turnau - "11:11" (selected by Basia, she and especially Danny were
impressed with the piano; Grzegorz Turnau is singer - the style he sings is
quite popular in Poland, so-called "sung poetry", poet/songwriter and he
plays the piano too)
Donald Fagen - "Walk Between The Raindrops" (selected by Danny, from album Nightfly; as Danny said this album had influence on early Matt Bianco songs, like "Get Out of Your Lazy Bed.")

Dusty Springfield - "Son of a Preacher Man" (selected by Basia, as she said it reminds her her childhood; she was laughing that knowing not too muchabout
the world than she believed that Dusty was some Black vocalist from the US; after the song Basia sung a line a capella :-))

David Bovie - "Life On Mars" (selected by Danny, reminds him his teenage years,as he said the songs that influenced you a lot later come back in some unexpected moments and you can hear bits of it in their songs too)

Beyonce - "If I Were a Boy" (selected by Basia)

At the end "I must" was played.

Also an invitation was mentioned so that Basia with the band performs in the
Agnieszka Osiecka Recording Studio in Polish Radio 3. She said that when they
gather the band, if they are still invited they would love to perform there.

The interview was almost 50/50 in PL/EN (so if you can listen to other
programs I guess you would not feel totally lost, only hearing Polish :-)) - I
will send a separate e-mail with programs and links to listen live).

Here's a short article with another photo.

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