Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Basia and Danny in San Rafael

I love the idea of some unsuspecting shoppers running into this performance unawares!


  1. Rochelle6:34 PM

    This is great. I was surprised to see my video posted on your blog. I was quite happy to share it. I was lucky that my husband had a camera that recorded it.

    Basia is back - better than ever!

    I'm sure she would appreciate messages on her MySpace page -- let's show our support.


  2. Karla1:24 AM

    Hi Rochelle!

    Thanks for the video! By the time I got there, her performance was over but i was so happy i got to talk to her for a bit And take my picture w her. Btw, I'm curious to know if she sang other songs aside from the new ones? Thanks!

  3. Krysia2:39 PM

    Rochelle, thank you very much for the video!!!
    I tried to send you invitation on MySpace but looks like I can't. Can you send one to me (if you wish of course) - my username is corazondeviaje.