Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to listen to various Polish radio programs where Basia will appear

(by Krysia)

I only gave the links to the programs that you can listen for free and without the need to log in:

Friday May 22nd
1-2 pm CET on Radio Chili Zet

Saturday May 23rd
- 10 am -1 pm CET (or 12-1? it's doubled on BasiaWeb, maybe Marek N. will confirm the time tomorrow) - that's slightly more complicated, go to there on the left, almost the top, click on "Zlote Przeboje" and than you have a choice of 6 buttons - go to the lower left one that says "Zlote Przeboje" and click on it - new window will open.
- 7-8 pm CET - in Program 3 Chart with Piotr Baron


  1. Krysia1:12 AM

    Looks like the link to Polish Radio 2 is not working correctly (while the one for Radio 3 is fine).
    You can try:
    If still not working, than on the page from the link on BasiaWeb on the left click on "Sluchaj w internecie" and than you have the list of programs - click on "Dwojka" (sluchaj).

  2. Krysia7:04 AM

    Sorry I was somewhat mislead but Radio 2. The 1-2 program is in Radio Chili Zet (part of Radio Z) I guess), link
    Need to choose the program. but I am not sure any more, cause I am listening to it right now and no Basia, nor anything said of her.