Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Krysia's subjective chronicle of B&D’s promo tour in Poland

It has been about 10 years since I have last seen her on Polish TV and even more since I have heard her on Polish radio. So I was really expecting this tour and undertaking all the strange actions to be able to listen and watch them as much as possible (although I must say I felt slightly disappointed, cause they haven’t put that info on BasiaSongs – lack of time between tours to US and PL I guess?).

Having had to go to school yesterday, before noon I was becoming somewhat restless and I started to talk to my friends and the teacher at the workshop that maybe the secretaries could borrow us a radio. Than – what a miraculous coincidence – it appeared that the teacher had a small portable radio, so I searched quickly for Radio Zlote Przeboje and than listened to the interview, meanwhile I was cutting my fingers with glass ;-) [Krysia's a stained glass artist and she rocks!-- LO]

On Saturday evening I listened to Basia co-running the first hour of Radio 3 Chart and Today’s morning I watched Morning program – Dzien dobry TVN.

Honestly speaking, after the really extensive and interesting interview that was done by Michal Sierlecki for Wroclaw ’s Radio RAM, none of those appearances revealed too many new information. Usually the people ask her all the same questions – why she was away for so long, when will be the tour (well, this one is good to listen to, cause as time goes by the plans are evolving and you can find sth out). While Michal was asking her some questions about the things she is rarely (or never) asked and in some of the subjects I was very interested in (like Basia’s connection to Japan ) and also talking a lot about the musical side of the songs (after hearing that interview it is obvious that he has musical education).

I am absolutely sure that this tour around Poland was much more informative and promoting than the one to the States. Obviously US is such a huge country, so she would really have to appear in some of the famous shows (would love to see her on Letterman again), and looks like the most important interview they could have got - for ABC - was cancelled, while radio interviews are limited to the listeners of certain type of music as well as geographically, plus one -for the sad reasons of one musicians death - was also cancelled and another interview – due to the change of that station profile, as someone explained - was not what it could have been and not as promoted I guess.

While in Poland she appeared in some well known programs that gather bigger audience. I just feel kind of sorry for other countries' fans, that you couldn’t have enjoyed them in all those programs live.

My general feelings about this Poland tour – leaving aside the information and promotion – is, that I don’t know what it is about that Lady but somehow she constantly knows how to move some very deep strings inside of me, and she seems such an extraordinary human being – thought that is something I can not know cause I have never met her in person. But I guess that’s an impression she keeps leaving and I know she will always be the brightest star on my musical firmament. Listening about Basia's and Danny's musical influences was very interesting to me, cause getting to know about them it’s as if I was also getting to know myself better!

Some interesting points I remember from the programs:

“Zlote Slodsze i Najslodsze” – by Marek N.
I hope it will be uploaded on Marek’s blog soon – actually there was a lot of English speaking, due to Danny’s presence so if somebody from abroad managed to get up on time Saturday morning you could have enjoy it.

There were 3 ladies – Basia, Anna Maria and Kayah talking all over, so it rather had an atmosphere of girlfriends meeting :-)

As I understood Anna Maria Jopek invited herself to be able to meet Basia (I believe some fans over here – like Marcus and Peter are very keen to hear her duo with Basia). This question was actually asked, or even a trio of all the 3 singers. Basia seemed kind of reserved. Is she feeling unsafe? That’s how it sounded when Marek at the end revealed – saying his apologies to Basia, that it resulted that all 3 of them were there – Basia apparently didn’t know that, and she replied that it’s good she hasn’t known cause otherwise she would probably have run away.

Anna Maria Jopek said that she has been long time Basia fan and as she expressed – she thought it is easily hearable on her earlier records. But a very important thing for me that AM said – about finding your own identity – all the 3 ladies seemed to agree that at first when you sing you turn to imitate your idols – you think how this or that person would have sung something, but one day it must come to “how I would sing it”.

Both Anna Maria and Kayah offered to sing choirs when Basia will come for tour to Poland (I guess that strokes out my chances as a candidate ;-) – would be my dream to sing with Basia, not even in front of the audience but just together with her:-)).

As B & D explained the first tour that will happen in Autumn (starting September most probably) will be with smaller band – 6-8 people, so what they are working on right now is to adapt all the songs for such a kind of smaller, “acoustic” tour, that will be performed in smaller venues. And also they were advised by the record company to maybe release some additional 3 songs record. Maybe the trio Basia-AnnaMaria- Kayah’s song could be included on Polish release? ;-)

Per my understanding, they would start in the US, than go to Japan and Poland too.

Maybe next year – if there is the demand – they will go for tour with a bigger band.

Radio 3 Chart with Piotr Baron
I really liked the atmosphere and Basia seemed to be enjoying being introduced to some new music. Piotr asked if it is possible we will hear her in some more rock-alike song. Basia said, that nothings is impossible although – due to Danny’s classical-jazzy background their main repertoire is what we all know :-)

They were also some people coming (I am wondering – where they were listeners that just popped in, or have they agreed beforehand to come), one man brought some muffins baked by his mother, especially for Basia and Radio 3 Chart crew, than some other fans were on the air too.

Basia said that she is being so spoilt here in Poland . I think that’s what she definitely deserves!!! :-)

TVN morning program – Dzien dobry TVN
Basia was first supposed to talk with people on TVN’s chat.

There was a short talk to Danny and later "A Gift" was played – Basia just accompanied by Danny on the piano. I was very moved have to say.

Later there was an interview with Basia. I liked the small documentary that TVN prepared – about B’s school years and beginnings, some teachers and class-mates were speaking and also some members of Alibabki.

Basia also brought the Gold record for “ITGA” that she was awarded the previous evening. She said that her mother would have been very proud of it. It was their first Gold in Poland .

(actually I don’t think that it will take long for them to have the Platinum, if they earned Gold that quickly!).

  • Basia mentioned several times in some interviews her mathematical brain, as she revealed in Radio 3 program on Thursday (Prywatna Kolekcja) when she was writing the final high school exams (matura) of maths she has done her tasks so quickly that she started solving some for her colleagues that were sitting around (Not nice Basia! ;-) Especially that the entire high school must have been listening – there were greetings from all the students and teachers from Jaworzno high school that Basia was attending).
  • I would say that Danny could survive in Poland (especially with “Jestem bardzo glodny” – I’m very hungry), but seriously speaking – I think he’s really got good pronunciation!
  • In Marek’s program “Zlote Slodsze i Najslodsze” Basia said Danny doesn’t know any swear-words in Polish, cause she’s never swearing in Polish. Another lady – I think that was Kayah, offered to teach it to him ;-)

That’s it! I hope that they will get a good rest now and that Basia will get better soon – she was ill (although I must say it was not hearable in her voice).


  1. Krysia, thanks for giving us a description of the Polish promotions. Lots of great news and information in there.

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