Monday, May 25, 2009

Massive thank you from BasiaWeb

This week has been amazing thanks to our COMPLETELY FANTASTIC Polish fans for all they did to get us the right links so we can enjoy the unprecedented media coverage of Basia in Poland!!

Thanks to Krysia Szurek for being our amazing online ambassador to Poland in the Basia online groups, for spending so much time translating and listening and tracking down!!

Thanks to Marek Nied┼║wiecki for just being awesome, keeping us all connected and for doing so much to keep Basia at the forefront!!

Thanks to Piotr Baranski for always being on top of it and keeping me somewhat on it!

And thanks to Marcus for always being on the hunt and at the ready with new links and files!!

Thanks to anyone else I am being dumb enough to forget! BasiaWeb is NOTHING without Basia fans and you guys made this week amazing and special to all of us. Thanks to all of the above in putting up with my monolingual self and all my mistakes. ;) (what's the best learning-Polish resource? *grin*)


  1. Krysia2:57 PM


    Thanks for this nice post and I thank you for spending all your time to upload everything right here and keeping everyone updated! As I commented before - I would not know about some things in Poland without you and the other commenters.
    So thank you to ALL :-)

  2. Marcus4:12 PM

    Leslie, no bigger joy than to do this together:-) Many thanks for everything you do too. Can't be always easy with running a family and job at the same time.