Wednesday, May 06, 2009

More Polish interviews; TVP Polonia and Gala

A segment filmed for TVP Polonia. Particularly neat is hearing "A Gift" played just on piano. Also, earrings! ;)

Interview in Gala.
Time for a quick run through the Google translator. I only feel it's fair to wait for a full translation to be sure I have the right impression before I repeat things, but on preview this is why we love Basia interviews so much: she. gets. real. Just the fact that she can talk about these things, perhaps having realized that many of us can relate... it's just awesome.

Thanks Piotr, and please fans keep sending notices about interviews and reviews wherever you are!


  1. Better translator than Google (Polish-English) is Translatica:

  2. Krysia1:16 PM

    I have to say that there are some mistakes in that Gala interview - especially about photo descriptions - on one Danny became Kito Poncioni, on the other it seems as if Basia was working with Matt Bianco in the US.
    Obviously nobody besides the well informed fans will notice that, but I think I'm gonna write them.

    BTW, I really would like to translate the things from Polish press but - unlike the last half a year - I am busy at work. Why weren't they interviewing her when I was so bored at work? :-P