Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Polish interviews

From fan Piotr: "There are a few more press releases and interviews with Basia I spotted on the internet. All of them are in Polish but there is a lot of news and things I have not heard previously.

1. This is the best Basia interview I probably have ever heard - from Polish Radio Ram from Wroclaw. There are 12 audio files on the website. Basia was very surprised by the questions set. She said no one has ever asked her these questions and they were very interesting. She expected traditional interview and this one was a lot different to typical interviews. Michal Sierlecki who did the interview is around 30...but he is also a big Basia fan. Indeed he asks for Halina Tymusz paintings, Rachael (from She deserves it), Trey Lorenz, the tour plans, the concepts behind the new songs, the understanding behind lyrics etc... Michal was very well prepared to this conversation and very inquisitive. The interview reveals a lot of interesting facts which I have never heard. If I have a bit of time I might give it a go with translation but I am limited in terms of free time at the moment. I might try later...

2. Piotr Baron from Program 3 talking to Basia: the audio file is on the website: shorter but still interesting.

3. Another press interview from Dziennik (Polish daily newspaper). There are a few parts of this interview and here are the links:

4. Here is a press article by Jan Lotus from Polish Daily News called Dziennik (Polish daily newspaper published for Polish community living in New York area)"

Wow! Thanks so much Piotr!

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