Friday, May 15, 2009

San Diego today, San Francisco/San Rafael tomorrow

Interview for NBC News (to be shown on the 4.30 Newscast)
7.30pm instore appearance at Borders, 668 6th Avenue San Diego.

Interview with KKSF
Instore appearance at Borders, 588 Francisco Blvd West, San Rafael 4pm.


  1. Krysia3:16 PM

    Leslie, sorry I am ignorrant but could you please tell me what KIFM and KKSF stand for? (well, SF probably San Francisco but the rest don't know :-)).

  2. These are radio callsigns, they don't stand for anything in particular (though some try!).

  3. Rochelle11:06 PM

    Just came back from Borders in San Rafael to see Basia and Danny. It was great to see her singing again. She has a truly unique and sophisticated sound. She sang 3 songs from the new album and for an encore she did Promises with just her voice and Danny's piano. It was quite different than the recording, but it was the same wonderful Basia sound that makes you want to get up and dance. I'm so glad she's BACK! It has been worth the wait.

  4. The wife and I were there at Borders in San Rafael. She looks great and sings as good as ever. Autographed copes of the new CD for an hour and flew back to London the next day.
    Those of us in the audience, waiting for her to appear (right on time), commented that we were lucky to even hear about this personal appearance. It was barely announced, even on KKSF.
    Gotta wonder about the record company. Wouldn't it have been in their interest to do a little promoting? I know a lot of her rabid Northern California fans are going to have conniptions when they learn they missed a great opportunity to be up-close and personal with Basia and Danny.

  5. Krysia3:45 AM

    Not that I would have been able to get to any of those locations but I have to agree that it was all announced very short while in advance and nothing from the side of the record company - as Ron said.

  6. It was announced as soon as Basia and Danny found out themselves.

  7. Krysia4:24 PM

    I am aware of that Leslie! I mean I can imagine that :-)
    Still, it was short.
    Luckily Poland is not such a big country so I could even travel to the other corner of it, with a short notice. I guess that may be harder for people in the States!

  8. By the way, the radio station in San Francisco most responsible for her popularity, KKSF, has changed format as of Monday, May 18. This may explain why the station was so indifferent about Basia all of a sudden. The station changed to yet another rock and roll station playing songs from "our past." So sad to lose an mature, yet contemporary station with a keen sense of its community. The report is that the owner, Clear Channel, did "extensive research" and determined that a smooth jazz approach was not as important as a rock and roll attitude. Give me a break!! I have no idea where San Franciscans will go to hear Basia on the radio.