Friday, May 29, 2009

This week's charts

#16 R&R Monitored Smooth Jazz chart; Most Added ("Blame It On the Summer")
#20 R&R Smooth Jazz Indicator ("Blame It On the Summer")
#16 Billboard Smooth Jazz Songs ("Blame It On the Summer")
#16 Mediabase Smooth A/C chart ("Blame It On the Summer")
#20 (It's That Girl Again)

#13 Billboard Contemporary Jazz albums
Amazon US: #17 Vocal Jazz, #17 Dance/Electronic, #20 Dance Pop
iTunes US: #19 Vocal
(both site's status as of 2:00pm EST 5/29/08)

#1 Lista Przebojów Radia Złote Przeboje ("A Gift")
#5 Lista Przebojów Radia Złote Przeboje ("Blame it on the Summer")
#2 Radio 3, Poland ("A Gift")

#6 Merlin online sales
#6 Empik Top Ten Muzyka sales (major Polish chain store)
#7 OLIS Oficjalna lista sprzedaży (Retail sales chart)


  1. And soon it shall be #1 in my iPod! Border's finally got in the bonus track edition, and I'm unwrapping it now!

  2. Krysia3:03 PM

    Today's (29 May) Radio Zlote Przeboje chart:
    - A Gift - #1 :-)
    - BIOTS - #5 (even bigger :-))

  3. Krysia1:33 PM

    Radio 3 Chart on 30 May:
    - A Gift - #2

  4. I haven't been back to the site but got an email from Basia's site saying thanks for the nice comments. Woo hoo! She reads them.

    My new gentleman friend bought two of Basia's older CD's this week, Time and Tide and Basia On Broadway, and he's loving what he's hearing. His standout favorite is one of mine, Run For Cover. I'll try to find Matt's Mood, LWN and TSI, but will buy a new copy of ITGA for his birthday on Saturday. Hope I can find the bonus tracks, but if not, I'll buy it and burn him a car copy off mine that includes the bonus tracks.

    TOUR??? He's promised to take me to see Basia when she comes back to Houston. Woo hoo!

    Hey, Krysia--you headed for Houston yet?


  5. Krysia4:27 PM

    05 June Radio Zlote Przeboje chart:
    - A Gift - #1
    - BIOTS - #6

  6. Krysia5:13 PM

    Plus ITGA is now (06 June) no. 4 on all the 3 lists (Empik, Merlin and OLIS).

  7. Krysia5:15 PM

    Ahhh, Amy, no plans so far.
    I have to see when they are touring over there :-) (although I would say it's quite far, and if I can expect them to come to Poland... - BTW feel welcome to visit here :-)).