Friday, May 22, 2009

"Zlote Slodsze i Najslodsze" tomorrow

(From Krysia)In tomorrow Marek's program "Zlote Slodsze i Najslodsze" Basia and Danny will be guests at noon CET (if anybody US Esat Coast willing to get up 6 am - you've got the chance :-)). There will be other guests - 11.30 am CET Kayah (Polish singer, I really like her) and Anna Maria Jopek - the time of her appereance was not mentioned but per my understanding it will be after B&D (or together, Marek said today that she will appear).


  1. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Leslie, check your mailbox (basiaweb), please.

  2. Andrzej6:54 AM

    The interview was wonderful!!! And a lot of new information... During the US tour this fall Basia is planning to release an EP with 3 new tracks! And we are not going to waith for another new album for so long!

  3. Marek1:06 PM

    I'm inviting all who want to talk to Basia to tomorrow's chat for television TVN at 9:00 CET on the website,chat.html
    But you have to talk in Polish:)