Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Basia on Peter White album this fall

A post on by Eric Viccaro reads:

Peter White's Peak Records debut will be called "Good Day," and it's slated for release later this summer.

The date is still unknown. However, here are some juicy details on the project.


The new CD contains 10 all-original tracks, and several longer songs sure not to fit into anyone's format, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

"Always, Forever," "Temptation," "Mission 2 Mars" and "Bright" are some of the top pieces on the release. "Bright" is dedicated to the late, great Wayman Tisdale.

Michael Egizi co-wrote the title track, "Good Day." Former Rippingtons' keyboardist David Kochanski co-wrote "(Un) Forgiven" with the help of beats laid down by DC. "Love Will Find You" features Peter's brother Danny White as well as beautiful vocals supplied by Basia.

In addition to DC, Peter White's new CD is co-produced by Phillipe Saisse.

Here's the track listing, and song durations:

1, Good Day (White/Egizi) 5:55
2, Always, Forever (White/DC) 5:08
3, Just Give Me A Chance (White) 4:39
4, Love Will Find You (P. White/D. White/Basia) 3:16
5, (Un) Forgiven (White/Kochanski) 5:18
6, Temptation (White) 6:18
7, Mission 2 Mars (White) 5:46
8, Bright (White) 4:13
9, Lamont's Lament, Ramon's Revenge (White) 6:56
10, Say Goodnight (White) 3:38

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