Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Danny speaking about "Love Will Find You"

'Love will find you' is mainly instrumental with Basia providing some backing vocals.

The story behind 'Love will find you' is;
I send PW an early backing track which was to become 'Oh Mama' for him to provide some guitar work and send back to me.
PW calls me to say 'I've come up with a melody for it.'
DW 'We've already got a melody for it"
PW 'Oh!'
DW 'Lets do two versions of this idea-one for Basia and one for you'
PW 'OK!'

In Darwinian terms 'Oh Mama' and 'Love will find you' have a common ancestor
and there you have it!


  1. Checked the 2009 tour dates and getting a 404 error. Can you check this out?


    New interview with Basia.

  3. Krysia4:41 PM

    Here's the link to another article in Polish, it's from May so I'm not sure if it wasn't posted here before, but I think it wasn't.

  4. Gee2Mc10:43 AM

    I love the Peter White version. It's unfortunate that Oh Mama was not included in the US release of It's That Girl Again. I saw the video of the song on YouTube with a young girl singing. Is she the girl who is actually in the duet with Basia?

  5. Leslie2:33 PM

    It is! Her name is Basia Seroka and she is a relative of Basia's son. :)

    If you can find one, and it's getting more difficult now I'm sure, the Borders Exclusive version of It's That Girl Again includes Oh Mama.

    :) Leslie