Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Even more Polish interviews

Don't forget that you can use online translators to read the interviews in text. :)

Even in awkward Googlish, you can tell this is a really well-thought out piece.
Another on onenet.
TVN Style video interview
This is some fluff right here.


  1. From the Google translation of that last link (which is fluffy as hell) I spotted this:

    "Her first song "Time & Tide" wrote about our unrequited love. (Oboje byliśmy wtedy w innych związkach.) Both were then in other relationships. (Zabawne, że w Ameryce ta piosenka robi furorę na ślubach.) Funny, that America is doing this song at weddings. (Czy nikt nie wsłuchuje się w teksty? )Does no one listens to in the text? - (pyta Basia). - Basia asks."

    YES! Seriously, as a lyric junkie I will never understand this in a billion years. And it's a LOT of people. Stop, listen to the words y'all! "Time and Tide" should never be a wedding song. Unless there's a story attached and you are willing to tell it. ;)

    Phew. And now I feel doubly better not only in saying that also that Basia wonders too!

  2. marek6:48 AM

    Leslie check your mailbox (basiaweb), please :)

  3. Time and Tide is universal and gives pleasure to millions. Why question different groups finding enjoyment in your music? I play your first album several times a week. Your passion for samba and Brazilian jazz is transcendental.