Friday, June 05, 2009

TVN translated chat

Thanks to marek on the basia2 list for this translation and transcription! I've bolded things that are of note to you and me, the fans looking for the nitty-gritty. :)

B: Good morning, everybody, welcome to the chat.
AniqqqX: What is your day like?
B: And in how many words am I to answer that question? :)
Paatryk: Why did you double the `Trze' in your last name? To impress?
B: That's not my fault (I had nothing to do with it). :D
Radek: How come you decided to record a new version of Clear Horizon? Greetings, I'm impatiently awaiting for a concert in 3city (Gdansk/Sopot/ Gdynia)
B: Thanks. We were not quite happy with the first version, but not sure whether the new one is better.
Alusia1: What songs are included on the new album?
B: I suggest checking out our website,
Paulina: Which artists that you have met were you most impressed with ?
B: Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Mike Hucknall.
Absolvent: Hello, I went to Jaworzno High School. I know it was part of your life, too. How do you recall those times?
B: Best time of my life.
Marek_en: Are you planning to do a clip for any of the singles from ITGA?
B: Yes, we are planning to do clips for `A Gift' and `I must'.

Kuba123: How did you start your career?
B: I was born singing and the career followed against my will (it just happened?). :)
AniqqqX: Good morning, do you have a pet?
B. I used to have a dog, I'd like to have another one, just not one that sheds hair, I am allergic. A poodle? :)
Paulina: If you didn't pursue singing career, what would you do?
B: I'd be a teacher.
AniqqqX: Do you like picking wild mushrooms? [seriously?? -- LO]
B: I never do it. I live in England, they don't do it there, sadly.
Rih1: What Polish groups did you sing with?
B: Alibabki, for a short while, Perfect, for an even shorter while, and before that in my High School group Astry :)
Ciekawa: What has been happening with you all this time?
B: What time do you mean?
AniqqqX: What do you think of Jarocin Festival?
B: I know nothing about it. Should I?
Marek_en: Where can one buy the bonus songs from the new album, `Oh Mama' and `Clear Horizon'?
B: iTunes or wait for the new version of the album.

AniqqqX: What do you enjoy besides music?
B: Football, F1, movies and theatre.
Ergp: When are you planning to tour Poland?
B: Probably in the fall.

Radek: Basiu, how did you started working together with Trey Lorenz? How come you decided to record `She deserves it' with him?
B: He was signed to the same label, I met him by chance at the recording studio. His voice suited the song and he was keen to do it.
Ergp: Is it true you studies physics?
B: Yes. :) But only for a year.
AniqqqX: Is this your first chat?
B: Yes. :) Lack of experience is obvious. :)
Marek_en: Basiu, I would love to hear you on the biggest radio stations (RMF and Zet), are you planning any special promotion (e.g. interviews) with them?
B: I would like to be heard there, but it's up to them.
Dragan: Do you miss Poland?
B: Not really, I am always here (spending a lot of time in Poland).
Paulina: What albums do like from start to end?
B: Early Stevie Wonder albums, `Nightfly' Dogan Fagen, Noa and Keane.
Paatryk: How did you live through the martial law period (81/82)?
B: I was in UK by then and I felt very sad.
Radek: Will Peter White, Dee Johnson and Clarisse sisters go on tour with you?
B: Clarisse sisters for sure, Peter possible, he's always on tour, Dee is on tour with Simply Red.

aniqqqX: What do you think should be the symbol for euro 2012?
B: Maybe a red and white football? :)
Thank you very much for your questions. :) It was nice to meet you. See you. :)

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