Sunday, August 02, 2009

London, Warsaw tickets ON SALE NOW

Info on Warsaw show tickets in Polish
and in English
EDIT: Read Marek's post in the Comments for more links and info!

Pizza On the Park is also now booking. Call 0845 602 7017 option 6 or 2077343220 (also choose 6)
more on this from mark:
You can book tickets now for the London date via the phone number I gave you. The performances will be listed on the web site, but as they are such a small set up they only do telephone bookings.
They are table only bookings - you don't have to book food. Tickets are not posted or emailed - simply turn up on the night to be allocated a table. Be specific where you want to sit - i.e. near the stage.
They have already sold over half of the tables for the first and last night. I could only get a table for half way back from the stage.
Looks like these are going to be sell outs. Hopefully this will prompt Basia to perform somewhere bigger in London at a later point or attempt a small tour here.
Tables are valid from 7.00pm on the evening with the performance starting 8.30 to 10.30 ish....

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  1. Marek9:50 AM

    //All about ticket to Polish concerts//


    Dom Muzyki i Tańca - ul. Gen. de Gaulle’a 17




    CIM (Centrum Informacji Miejskiej) - ul. Ratajczaka 44
    Rock Long Luck - ul. Półwiejska 20

    Fripp Shop - ul. Stary Rynek 52B