Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wonders abound in the BasiaWeb Collectors Flickr group

You may have seen the little linky over in the right hand menu but have you been to BasiaWeb Collectors lately? Loads of goodies from past and present, such as this gorgeous ad that is running in Jazz Forum magazine. Our usual suspects have been uploading all kinds of stuff that you should check out.

Last weekend I started uploading my big vault O' clippings to the group and have started with Matt Bianco from 1984. For a couple years I was obsessed with buying old UK music mags on Ebay and now you all can see the fruits of my madness! Just the beginning here, I also have collections from the other albums of my own, but also another fan's impressive clipping booty.

BasiaWeb Collectors

HEADS UP: there is also a BasiaWeb FanFotos group for live and meet-and-greet type photos as well!

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  1. Krysia2:22 PM

    Here are some links to articles on some Polist webs, conerning the tour. Looks like the Polish label is really doing good job:
    telling that the tickets for Polish concerts are selling very well and that Marek Niedzwiecki will be presenter at Warsaw concert.