Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Basia on Peter White album, out next Tuesday

Hey, don't forget about the release of Peter White's newest, Good Day, next Tuesday the 8th. Basia and Danny guest on the track "Love Will Find You." From the press release:

"The genesis of “Love Will Find You” is an intriguing story. The basic elements of the song were originally submitted to White by his younger brother, guitarist/songwriter Danny White, who had written it with Basia, his long-time collaborator. White earned partial songwriting credit by rearranging Basia’s vocal line and putting his own melody on top of it. “I basically took the song that she and Danny wrote, chopped it up, took her scat part – which she sings at the beginning and at the very end in the original version – and put it into the middle of the song as well,” he says. “I use it as a hook throughout the song. I just thought it was cool that we could collaborate like this and come up with two versions of the same song.”

I don't think any of us object to any production decision that results in more Basia!

Danny meanwhile: 'Love will find you' is mainly instrumental with Basia providing some backing vocals.

The story behind 'Love will find you' is;
I send PW an early backing track which was to become 'Oh Mama' for him to provide some guitar work and send back to me.
PW calls me to say 'I've come up with a melody for it.'
DW 'We've already got a melody for it"
PW 'Oh!'
DW 'Lets do two versions of this idea-one for Basia and one for you'
PW 'OK!'

In Darwinian terms 'Oh Mama' and 'Love will find you' have a common ancestor
and there you have it!

So you are going to be buying the album or at the least downloading the song, yeah? Advance word on the album around the interwebs is that it's a return to form for PW.

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