Saturday, September 26, 2009

Basia playing in London this week

Just in case you missed it: Basia begins her weeklong engagement at Pizza on the Park this week. Shows begin Monday and wind up on Friday, and you can get ticket information via this link. (Friday's show is SOLD OUT. Sorry, that looks good IN CAPS!)

Basia is working on her birthday, by the way.  (That would be Wednesday, hint!)

Impressionistic screen capture of Basia and main dude/band ninja Kevin via the "Drunk On Love" video. I shall watch it now since I can't be there in reality (sob!).


  1. I tell ya, if I had the money and the way to take a week off from work I would go to London somehow.

    But my credit cards are pretty much maxed out and there's no way I can make it happen.

    That would be my dream though to spend a week in London or Japan and see Basia performing live every night....

    You guys in Europe enjoy it for us! I personally am thrilled that she is getting to perform in Poland as well...!!!

  2. I know it, Bev. All week I've been dreaming about going, but there's just no way. :(
    Can't wait to hear the reports though!