Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday's show sold out (London); Poznan sold out

Yes, the Thursday and Friday shows at POTP are now SOLD OUT.

Since tonight's show has already happened or is still going on, that means if you have been sleeping on this, you'd better hustle over there on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Also, it looks like the show in Poznan on October 7 is also sold out. Oh, sorry, SOLD OUT!

For all the shows, hit this! I think you'd better move on getting those tickets. I'm just saying. Oh, also check out Basia's letter to Tokyo on Blue Note Tokyo's page.

(Screen capture)


  1. Poznań: Organisers are notifying that before the concert it will be possible to purchase standing tickets in the price of 100 złoty (UAM lecture theatre).

  2. Krysia7:27 AM

    Poznan is on 7th not 10th