Sunday, September 27, 2009

We want gig reports and pictures!

With a fresh batch of shows coming, it sounds like a great time to restart gig reports on BasiaWeb. It was great success four years ago, so if anyone would like to post a write up about the shows, let me know. (Bear in mind that I reserve the right to edit for length and grammar if necessary, okay?) I'll create that within the "Live" section tomorrow. There's also a BasiaWeb Fan Fotos group on Flickr where you can upload photos from the shows- that way no one has to wait for me, which I know is a problem.

Have fun, you lucky ducks and duckettes. I expect to live vicariously through your accounts, so get them in! ;)


  1. Don't forget about people which declared their participation in concerts on
    I think that they can write us their reports:)

  2. Just got back home - stunning performance - really good vibe with the audience and from band member to band member - the most relaxed I've seen her perform.
    Really interesting mix of tracks old and new - not necessarily the ones you'd expect and several completely re-worked - enough material featured to make a live album of tracks not featured on Basia Broadway.
    Nearly all of Time & Tide featured.
    2 sets - quite a long 1st and shorter 2nd - there were hints that management thought the first set too long so perhaps some re-jigging will happen.
    Really interesting that Basia asked the audience what they wanted as a encore and responded to 2 of the requests.
    The crowd was intimate with about only 60 people there mind you with it a tabled event the venue probably only seats about 100. Puzzled as to why the telephone booking guy told me on the first day of ticket release that the first performance was nearly sold out in one day? Despite this the crowd were really responsive and Basia seemed delighted and touched by the audience's response.
    I was uncertain before attending what the acoustic style show would be like but I have to say some of the songs sounded as good if not better with a smaller band.
    Talking to people there were fans from Japan, Malaysia, Poland and the USA who had made the trip specially for the concert.
    No merchandise for sale except CDs with all the bonus tracks - a snip at £10.00!!
    The band went on stage at 8.40 - later than expected and performed (I think) 21 tracks.
    Band members all happy to sign autographs, and chat with the audience before, after and during the interval of the show.
    I'll collect my thoughts tomorrow and try and remember the running order an email some photos sent.
    Loads of people were videoing on mobile phones so expect a few clips to appear (hopefully) on youtube.