Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Basia in Manila tomorrow night

Whoa, they love them some Basia! According to Annick's Facebook they've gotten the full-on VIP treatment complete with paparazzi! We say it's great to know there's a place where they get their due (though here's hoping the paps are harmless, ergh!)

EDIT: For example (by the way this is the first and last time you will probably see "Basia" and "Akon" in the same segment of anything)

EDIT: Another rather epic promo!

So, some press:
Small interview on Inquirer.net
Info on the opening act, The CompanY. (sic)
A frankly gorgeous page from the sponsoring radio station.

Fascinating to read about how much they love her there!!

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  1. Marecki4:25 PM

    1st video - http://abs-cbnnews.com/video/entertainment/10/20/09/basia-akon-manila-concerts