Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dee Anthony, 1926-2009

Dee Anthony (second from left) was Basia's manager briefly in the 90s during The Sweetest Illusion era. He passed away this weekend of pneumonia at age 83. Mr. Anthony was best known for managing Peter Frampton at his peak.

Obituary from the New York Times.

(thanks to Piotr for the photo, from a 1994 presser in Warsaw)


  1. Phil Jones5:59 AM

    An old school larger-than-life Manager as satirised on film and TV.
    Dee was the guiding force for much of the 90's during the band's most visible period in the USA. They were regulars on network TV and performed the legendary "Basia on Broadway" residency during Mr Anthony's tenure.

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Some say he made Frampton, some say he also ruined him.

  3. Basia (quote from basiasongs.com)11:55 AM

    We've completed the European leg of our tour and had a great time in London, Poland and Italy. Thanks to everyone for the warm receptions we received.

    Whilst in Poland 'It's that Girl again" went Platinum (another 1st for us). It has just been released there as a 15 track CD with a DVD of many of our videos. We're now in Japan looking forward to starting a 5 day run in Tokyo.

    Leading up to the London shows I did an interview for a UK radio station-you can listen to it now by following this link;

  4. Anonymous11:19 PM

    is that marek n. on the left?

  5. Krysia3:54 PM

    Yes, it's him!