Friday, October 02, 2009

Deluxe It's That Girl Again re-release in Poland, EMPIK exclusive includes DVD

and apparently is gold. Wowza. So you get 1. another copy of ITGA 2. including "Clear Horizon '09" and "Oh mama" and 3. A DVD of videos from the previous three albums, including ones from The Sweetest Illusion that have never been released in DVD. (and really, the Yearning video in proper definition is worth the hassle to import this thing, trust) And a mini documentary to boot.

Still with me? Okay, guess what else:
IT'S OUT TUESDAY! EDIT: BUT you must be sure you can play Region 2 PAL DVDs. I do not know if this is in a different format yet, but proceed with caution and do your research if you are in the US)

I know. I reacted the same way. Here's a link in Polish, and heck, here's the one in English-sort-of too.
Here is EMPIK's store, this page can help you change it to English though the ITGA page will still be in Polish. They ship worldwide.

Track listing:
1. If Not Now Then When
2. Someone For Everyone
3. I Must
4. A Gift
5. Everybody's On The Move
6. There's A Tear
7. Blame It On The Summer
8. Two Islands
9. Love Lies Bleeding
10. Winners
11. They Know Nothing About Us
12. Amelki Śmiech
13. It's That Girl Again
14. Clear Horizon
15. Oh Mama

1. Basia – Droga Do Sławy ("Way to Fame"- ha, stop it, you're going to make Basia blush!)
2. Third Time Lucky
3. Yearning
4. Drunk On Love
5. Cruising For Bruising
6. Baby You're Mine
7. Until You Come Back To Me
8. Time & Tide
9. New Day For You

Yeah. Are you agog? I am agog.

(thanks to marek)


  1. Marek1:32 PM

    It's That Girl Again Special Edition CD + DVD will be sold only in EMPiK. The store can send orders to every country in the world :)

    That's the link to buy it:,prod24050291,p

    You can change the page's language to English using this link:
    'Select language:' - just click on the flag placed on the right-hand side.

  2. Thank you so, so much!

  3. What is the DVD format? Will I need an all zone player?

    Bob in soggy Atlanta

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    ok im trying to buy it thru the site and once i get to the payment screen it reverts to Polish again and I can't figure out how to use my credit card for it. Someone help!!!!!

  5. Marek7:17 AM

    1) go to and change language to English
    2) register
    3) log in and change language to English
    4) go to,prod24050291,p
    5) click at 'dodaj do koszyka'
    6) click at 'go to the basket'
    7) click at 'buy' and fill all fields

  6. Marek7:20 AM

    Send me screens and then I'll be able to translate it to English

  7. Krysia11:23 AM

    About format - the video format in Poland (same as in Europe) is PAL. So I'm afraid it might get a problem to be played in US ifyou can just play NTSC format DVDs

  8. Looks like the cost shipped to the US is 112Zl, which is about $39 USD. That's expensive, but a lot of that is the base shipping price. Each additional copy beyond the first would add about $18 to the order. I wonder if we could do a group buy and then reship from a central US point

  9. WOW. That's crazy.

    Something to propose to the lists, maybe?

  10. I followed all of Marek's instructions, but it would not accept my credit card info... I give up.

  11. Plus I technically already have the DVD - since it sounds like the old one most of us already had on VHS (or in my case Laser Disk)

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  13. Crap. :/

    Well, the TSI videos have never been released in any format, apart from promos (ie. Dennis' Sears LD!)

  14. Krysia1:06 PM

    "A way to fame" part is EPK - with Polish subtitles.