Monday, October 05, 2009

London clips aplenty

Fantastic rendition of "How Dare You" (tilt your monitor!)

"If Not Now Then When" (tilt it)

And "Promises," "Time and Tide" and "Blame it on the Summer".


  1. Karen E. Weber9:32 PM

    Awesome! I'm wondering if that's Annick or Veronique right behind Basia. If it's Annick... "Hello!" from your new Facebook friend! xoxo :)
    ~ K WEB ~

  2. Krysia11:40 PM

    When looking at them Veronique is on the left (closer to Danny) and Annick on the right (closer to Kevin) - and not that I differentiate them - I just know cause Basia was introducing them and on the stage they were always in the same places :-)
    When they were dressed the same I was not able to say who is who offstage ;-)

  3. Karen E. Weber6:58 PM

    Thanks Krysia... they have to be identical twins. Have to be! How awesome that must be to have sung with Basia on tour all these years. Lucky lucky ladies! :)