Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Your at-home Sala Kongresowa experience*

*from 1994, but still- Basia, Danny, Kevin, Annick, and Veronique were there then and were there tonight. This is for all of us who could not be there. Huge thanks to Krysia on these.

We'll embed a couple then link the rest, just so the front page isn't gigantic.

"Yearning." If you can't watch the whole clip, you must, if nothing else, move forward to about the 5:02 mark. The coda to "Yearning" becomes "Szła dzieweczka do laseczka" and Basia's voice is left alone in the huge hall-- the crowd joins her shortly, but they can't be heard over her one, haunting voice. It will remind you why you are a fan, as if you needed reminding.

Time and Tide (The dress, too gorgeous for words)

The Sweetest Illusion
Dzien Sie Budzi
An Olive Tree


  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    My God that gave me chills! I have goosebumps all over...

  2. Karen E. Weber12:57 AM

    Thank you Leslie for working so hard for us!

    ~ K WEB ~

  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Hi all!
    I was there last night and it was great! Kongresowa is a bit too big for this small arrangement band but Basia said "forget we're in this big place, just think we're playing in your living room". You could feel she's loved very much by the people. At some point a woman screamed from the audience "Basia, Basia!" and Basia said "Basia - what?". And the woman replied "Basia, we are proud of you and love you very much!". And Basia started to cry. It was very emotional, before or after Yearning. She joked a lot (about footbal before Winners and introducing the band).
    She started with It's That Girl Again. The show was approx. 1 h 45 min (started a little late - Marek Niedzwicki introducing her said: we've waited 15 years and 15 minutes for her, they are recording the show so give it all from yourselves!").
    A fabulous night! Love her to bits!
    p.s. I was there in 1994 too and it's hard to compare (different band and arrangements) but I think last night was even more touching and intimate.

  4. Krysia4:23 AM

    Report to come after I return home. I am now at work, straight away from the way after almost sleepless night (emotions).
    The concert was great!!!

  5. Ah, so they DID record it! Blimey, I was getting confused with the conflicting info. Wooo! Hope we can get it in the US!

  6. A very emotional moment with Basia crying during Yearning. The whole concert very, very successful, surprising versions of well known songs, but it all worked perfectly.

  7. Krysia1:49 PM

    Leslie, I have uploaded very few photos to BasiaWeb Fan Photos group - it was strictly forbidden to take photos at Sala Kongresowa during the show itself.

  8. She sounded great then and still sounds wonderful today. thanks for those recent posts too! I love those live clips! I am praying that they are able to come to the US in 2010. I'd love to go to Japan or the Phillipines to see her, but alas....Please let us know if you hear anything about any US dates! I am planning now in case I have to travel to another city to see Basia and the band. Got my fingers crossed