Friday, December 04, 2009

Phil Harding- new book out

Renowned mixer Phil Harding, who mixed Time and Tide, London Warsaw New York, parts of Whose Side are You On and several remixes of that era during his tenure at PWL, has just penned a book.
Called PWL from the Factory Floor, it's about his years at the UK pop powerhouse which was best known for the loads of hits from Kylie, Dead or Alive, and buckets more from the Stock Aiken Waterman stable. It's unknown if there's any Basia content (he's said that his work with her were among his favorites, even though she may have had other engineers pulling their hair out from time to time!), but it sounds like a win for any 80s junkie.

It's available at his site, and while nearly sold out there should be another print run early next year.

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