Thursday, April 15, 2010

UK/ European dates

Just giving this a bump up since it was getting lost in the shuffle and all...

Mon May 3 London The Pigalle Club (not the 5th, like the ticket agent says)
Tue May 4 TBC
Thur May 6 Krakow Kino Centrum Kijow
Fri May 7 Poznan Teatr Wielki im. Stanislawa Moniuszki
Sat May 8 Wroclaw Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych
Sun May 9 Katowice Górnośląskie Centrum Kultury
Tue May 11 Gdansk Centrum Stocznia Gdańska
Wed May 12 Warsaw Palladium
Sat May 15 Salzburg Republic
Sun May 16 Vienna  Reigen


  1. Back to the flight schedules then :) and fingers crossed for a better Time and Tariff this time.

    "Possibly, there may be a couple others added in later." Does that only count for Poland or the rest of Europe as well?

  2. There may be more dates in Poland, but I wish there were some in Holland for your sake! :)

  3. Krysia11:43 AM

    I wish there were some in Spain, or South of France ;-)

  4. Tomek5:41 PM


  5. Marek N.2:33 PM

    HEY! New date :)

    May 29 at
    King Center for the Performing Arts
    Melbourne, Florida, USA


  6. Thanks so much marek! What a shock, hope there's more coming.

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM

    There are only standing tickets at £25.00 left - all the seated/meal tickets have gone.

  8. I wonder what happened to the May4th gig i was hoping to book a couple of tickets for that night.It looks as though i am going to miss out this time,Last years gig at Pizza on the Park was something else....Rory

  9. The Pigalle Club had 4 May listed tonight as a private booking.