Thursday, April 15, 2010

US DATES all on sale now

All announced venues are now on sale.

Interestingly, the show in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall is co-headlined with guitarist Bernie Williams. Nope, he's not an opener, they both have equal billing.

via the official Basia mailing list:

"We are delighted to, at last, have a substantial list of tour dates in
England, Poland, Austria and the USA.
There may be an additional one or two in America, but we were keen to
get these out there.
We will email the final list later.
Tour arrangements are in full swing and not without their problems,
but every day is one day nearer to the start of our tour and we are
both very excited.

With love,
Basia and Danny"

Fri May 28 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Jazz Festival
Sat May 29 - Melbourne, FL - King Center for the Arts
Sun May 30 - Clearwater, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
Wed Jun 2 - New York - Highline Ballroom
Fri Jun 4 - Boston - The Wilbur Theatre
Sat June 5 - Washington DC - Capitol Jazz Fest
Wed Jun 9 - San Francisco - Bimbos
Thur Jun 10 - San Diego - Humphrey's
Fri Jun 11 - Los Angeles - Club Nokia


  1. Sweet Jesus...please come to Chicago :)

  2. Please come back to Ohio!!!

  3. Anonymous1:15 AM

    What about CHICAGO ? Basia has so many fans here.

  4. I also would love to see Basia here in Ohio! Although I would drive to Chicago to see her.

    Please consider that there are more cities in the US than on the coasts. If I can guarantee 500 people, will she come?

  5. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Please comeback to Texas ...
    San Antonio or
    Corpus Christi

    Geffen & Bev
    Corpus Christi, TX

  6. Leslie11:31 AM

    It's all up to the concert promoters, guys. Basia and Danny don't have a say in where they play- if they had their way they'd be everywhere and then some.

  7. Anonymous7:42 PM

    promoter, schmamoter, we need Chicago dates!!!

  8. Boston pre-sale password WT7

    Still great seats!!!

  9. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Ruth Eckerd Hall
    Clearwater, FL
    Sun, May 30,


  10. Basia,

    My prayers are with you and your country with the passing of your President. I am sure you will help mend this hurt in your upcoming concerts in Poland.

  11. I am concerned that final dates are being announced yet there are no Chicago dates.

  12. Man, nothing anywhere near Texas! At least u Chicago folks can go to Boston or NY... I mean, there's nothing even close! I have to buy a ticket & hotel, etc, to either Cali or FL.... :(

  13. Leslie4:59 PM

    Er, Dawn- I don't know if you realize, but you need to fly from Chicago to NY or Boston, too, and in all probability will need a hotel at least for one night. It's 10 hours for me to drive to Boston from Detroit, so probably 16 or so from Chicago. (I know this because it's the only way I can probably see a show at present.. 10 hours to Boston or DC!

    There are no plans as of yet to have a Chicago show, sadly. (It's the number one question I'm getting these days!) They hope to come back to hit the other cities if this tour goes well.

    --Leslie, BasiaWeb

  14. Leslie5:01 PM

    Oh, and PS- If anyone is a promoter in Chicago, see Basia's management contact info in the Contact section of the site.

  15. 16 hours would be nice! I just drove from Dallas to Orlando during Spring Break and it was 20-something hours! It's even longer to California. I will never drive further than Pensacola, Florida again. It's a beating! (not even for Basia.... :(

  16. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Please come to Houston!!!!! Your fans here have missed you guys.

  17. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Please come to Michigan !!!

  18. robyn1:44 PM

    Dear Basia and Danny,

    We just got home from what was quite possibly the greatest 2 hours of our lives! What a fantastic show you deliver. We have been fans since the late 80's and always said that no matter where you show up in America, we will be there. We flew all the way from Oklahoma for one night to see you and we certainly were not disappointed. Perhaps you saw us in the background as we sneeked in to get a glimpse of your rehearsal.

    At any rate, we just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to the US. And please don't wait so long to put out another album.

    We love you!

    Robyn and Teri